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Meet the pineapple team! For those of you who haven’t made her acquaintance yet, meet pineapple co-founder Atara Bernstein!

An all-around pineapple woman, Atara led sweetgreen’s social impact program “sweetgreen in schools” and led her own creative consultancy for food brands prior to pineapple. Now, not only is she making pineapple look good these days (have you seen all of our pretty gifs?!), but she’s also a consummate host and always preparing beautiful food that tastes even better. Step inside her earthy, spicey and STOCKED kitchen that’s heavily influenced by her family, travels and women-owned food companies of course ;)


Atara's Pantry

her style 

  • "In so many ways, my kitchen is a more accurate reflection of my style than my closet is! My kitchen is where I really express myself. It’s the space in my home that I’m the most proud of. It’s where I store my most coveted things- my collection of ingredients, and tools amassed over years of cooking and traveling.
  • My cupboard is pretty eclectic - lots of spices from all over the world, a variety of whole grains, beans, seeds, nuts, berries, and alternative flours & sweeteners. I’m generally a healthful eater, and don’t really eat processed foods (expect my once-a-year Halloween indulgence in sour patch kids), so my kitchen is filled with lots of fresh things.
  • Food is a really crucial part of my identity for so many reasons - it’s how I show my love, it’s how I make political choices, it’s the way I stay healthy, and an expression of the places I’ve traveled.


markets & shopping

  • I love shopping at the Dupont FRESHFARM Market, and typically do a Sunday run to stock up on fruits & veggies. The Farm at Sunnyside stand is always frequented. Then, throughout the week, I’ll pick up an ingredient or two from the local corner store. I usually have lots of dry goods handy in the pantry, so I usually don’t need to supplement all that much. 



kitchen inspiration

  • In high school I developed a passion for food justice and spent time volunteering with Food Not Bombs. It was through that experience where I learned that food (whether through charity, purchasing power, policies, growing capacity), can be a powerful act of resistance. Check out Julia Turshen’s piece on how now, more than ever, we can use food as a political tool to change the status quo. So I get lots of inspiration from thinking about how my actions in the kitchen affect some many areas of society. 
  • Travel is also a source of inspiration for me. When I travel, I’m able to drum up new ideas by surrounding myself with new people, perspectives, rituals, flavors. The newness provides me with a never ending source of ideas- new dishes that I dream up, new projects to begin, new conversations to have. It’s the key to unlocking a trove of untapped creative potential for me. I love activating these ideas in my cooking and recipe creation.


fridge must-haves

  • Lots of raw bitter greens and seasonal produce. I always have tons of vegetables in my refrigerator, and typically drive myself crazy trying to make sure that none of them go to waste. It’s a huge challenge, but I actually relish (ha!) in it. I love coming up with creative solutions to reduce waste in the kitchen. I do lots of pickling, preserving, and freezing. My husband makes Kimchi sometimes, which makes me happy.
  • Always in the fridge: lacinato kale, fennel, grapes, kimchi (I love wildbrine & Hex Ferments), hummus (my husband is OBSESSED with Asmar’s, and can crush a whole container in one sitting), almond milk for coffee, tahini (which I use in virtually every recipe), and kombucha (we love GT's and Health-Ade).


pantry staples

  • My pantry is stocked to the brim with jars of provisions! I obsessively collect spices whenever I travel, and yes, I have smuggled spices into the country! Also yes, it’s 100% worth the risk. So, the majority of my kitchen is storage for spices. I have a wide variety- here are a few fun ones: freeze dried blueberries, asafoetida(an odd, but delicious Indian spice used to reduce flatulence!), smoked sea salt, brown cardamom (a smokey version of the more prevalent green cardamom), fennel seeds, ras el hanout (a North African spice blend with cardamom, cumin, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, ginger, chili peppers, coriander, peppercorn, fenugreek, and turmeric)and homemade za’atar (olive oil, salt, hyssop, sesame, and sumac).
  • In addition to spices though, I always have nut butters, maple syrup, tons of odd grains (quinoa, black rice, millet, amaranth, barley, farro), and duh! - dark chocolate (Hu vanilla cashew butter is my fave).



  • I love my Boos cutting board. A solid cutting board is crucial for anyone who spends lots of time in the kitchen. It’s so much safer than the smaller boards that shift around while you’re chopping (I learned that the hard way)! I also love my wooden spoon that I got from bed bath and beyond for $2! I bought it like 4 years ago and still use it every day. I do use my Vitamix every morning to make my morning smoothies (either my arugula, banana, almond milk, cinnamon, and tahini or Samantha Attard’s orange, basil and cayenne pepper blend, depending on my mood!). I also really love my boob mug from Marfa Texas which fits a correct serving (2 cups) of coffee (ha), and my mortar and pestle from Japan- a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.



  • I know that everyone says this, but I rarely use cookbooks! I’ve been cooking since I was 12, so I’m a pretty intuitive chef (thanks, Mom!). Plus, I like to experiment with wacky flavor combinations and textures, and so I don’t like following the rules. My favorite original recipe is my Milan salad with farro, olives, grapes, parmesan and mint. But I do reference cookbooks for inspiration. My favorites are Cherry Bombe, Joon, Everything I Want to Eat, and Feast for the Eyes (an amazing history of food photography journal).


To Sum it Up:




  • on the front of her refrigerator

    • A photo of me, my husband and my niece

    • Laura Berger Art

    • A postcard from Marfa Myths

    • Misfit Juicery art

    • Photo of my pen pal Vishal who lives in Kolkata  

    • A note from Michael Stebner, the head chef of sweetgreen

    • Reminders that I am “So fucking blessed”

    • Niece art



  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry style:

    • Earthy, spicey, stocked, tonal, utilitarian


  • her all-time favorite market:

    • Mom’s Organic Market


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