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Welcome to Pine for Pantry, a portal into the pantries and fridges of bloggers, foodies and food leaders who inspire us. It’s an uncensored account of these women’s food routines and captures food as an element of personal style. 

Our first account features pineapple founder, Ariel Pasternak. Her pantry reflects her passions and self expression- baskets replete with farmer’s market veggies, and cabinets stocked with rainbow sprinkles and local products made by women. Let's take a look inside: 

Ariel's pantry

her style

  • "My kitchen reflects my personal style--more than my closet or beauty cabinet. And I like to stock my fridge and pantry as such--with all the comestibles and goods I pine for. As I started to cook more after college, I realized that to enjoy the hours I spent in the kitchen and the full experience of cooking--shopping, cooking, eating--I had to approach my cooking space in a way that made me crave being there. For me, cleanliness, organization and stand-by products and tools that inspire me have allowed me to feel at once creative and anchored in the kitchen.


  • Though I have a growing stack of epic cookbooks from all the women I pine for, I am admittedly more of an ad hoc cook rather than recipe follower. I feel confident in my kitchen skills so I prefer to cook based off of ingredients I get at the farmer’s market rather than buying exactly what a recipe calls for.


  • First of all, few things make me happier than having a fully stocked kitchen. I feel lucky to live a 10-minute walk from one of DC’s best farmer’s markets, FRESHFARM Markets at Dupont Circle. Every weekend I’m in town, I go there to pick up as many veggies and fruits as I can fit in my market basket. Special shoutout to Stacey at The Farm at Sunnyside for growing the most beautiful seasonal veggies. I always head there first and pick up the leafy greens, herbs, radishes, nightshades and any other beautiful thing that tickles my fancy. I always buy eggs and bread from a local baker at the market.  I also love everything from Gordy’s Pickle Jar (a local DC women-owned company started by Sarah Gordon and Sheila Fain)--I always have a jar of their pickled jalapenos on hand and sometimes their Bloody Mary Mix too (it’s so fresh!).

fridge must haves:

  • Jams--both a classic Bon Mamman and Sqirl from LA (Fun fact: I was part of the Sqirl monthly jam club and it was hands-down one of the best decisions of my life)."

  • Heritage grain + nut flours: I do a lot of “alternative” baking that requires a mix of things like almond flour and flaxseed meal. I also try to buy local flours whenever I can. The Rye, Sorghum and Buckwheat flours from Next Step Produce in Maryland are divine. I keep these flours in the fridge as they are not highly processed and contain oils that will go rancid if not refrigerated.

pantry staples

  • Heading on over to my pantry, this baby is stocked mostly by trips to grocery stores and specialty markets. There’s a Whole Foods a 5-minute walk away from my apartment and a local grocer called Glen’s Garden Market about 15-minutes away. I’ve also started experimenting with online grocery delivery, which is nice when I know I won’t have time to go to the store. I love displaying my grains, nuts and dried fruit in mason jars as it helps me see what I have and also it eliminates clutter on my shelves.

  • I’m obsessed with quinoa and always have that on hand. Then I rotate other grains--brown rice, basmati rice, millet, wheat berries, etc. I love when I can pick up these grains from a farmers market. As I don’t eat much meat, I always have canned chickpeas and other beans on hand to add to stews, salads or grain bowls.

  • I’m also a big baker so I have a variety of flavor extracts and sweeteners from coconut sugar to maple syrup to honey (and raw honey) to regular ol’ white & powdered sugar. Also one MUST have rainbow sprinkles & chocolate chips. You never know when you’ll need them, but I find they come in handy often.

  • I pine for chocolate. I genuinely buy a new chocolate bar anytime I see a new brand. On rotation currently: The Garden Box from ZenbunniPana Chocolate’s Coconut & Goji and 80% and some chocolate-covered peanut butter goodies from Bi-Rite Market.

  • High quality teas and coffees are really important to me. I used to work for Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and I learned about the significance of the seasonality, freshness and regional varietals of coffee. I love making whatever single origin coffee is in season in my Chemex in the morning when I wake up. I save tea for later in the afternoons or evening--currently crushing on my Leaves & Flowers Hibiscus Mint tea.

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  • All of my fridge & pantry items would not be as satisfying without some of my favorite kitchen tools. When I moved into my current apartment, I bought myself my first Staub dutch oven. I also bought a set of Opinel knives--every time I use them I feel like I’m at a chic natural wine bar.

  • I try to be mindful of sustainability in the kitchen wherever I can. I use linen napkins rather than paper napkins and a linen bowl topper (made by a local DC women-owned company called Magpie Cookshop) rather than plastic wrap. I compost my kitchen scraps and have a weekly pick-up from local DC company Compost Cab (I couldn’t love their service more).

  • I love traveling and every time I visit a new place, my first stop is generally some kind of food market or store. In Portland, Oregon, I picked up my favorite Mazama mug, which I drink coffee from every morning. In Tasmania, Australia I got a rolling pin made from huon pine, a wood native to the island. And in Mexico City, I got a cast iron tortilla press because once you know how to make homemade tortillas, you never go back to store bought ones.

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beverages, wine & spirits

  • My preferred drink of choice is water, but when I like to sit back and enjoy a glass of something, I’m usually cracking open a bottle of natural wine (and made by women producers when possible!). I’ve got a Donkey & Goat Unfiltered White from California, a biodynamic Domaine de Clovallon from France and some cans of Una Lou rose (a sister brand of Scribe Winery in Sonoma, CA) chilling in my fridge."

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To Sum it Up: 

  • pantry item she can't live without:

    • high quality olive oil

  • one item that is always in her fridge:

    • kale/lemons

  • her go to inspiration cookbook:

  • her most trusted kitchen tool:

    • Japanese chef’s knife

  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry style:

    • clean, seasonal, delicious, healthy and sweet

  • her all time favorite market:

    • tie between Carmel Market in Tel Aviv and the Ferry Terminal Market in SF

  • a woman in food she pines for:

    • Michelle Obama