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all photos by Shane Carpenter

all photos by Shane Carpenter

Meaghan Carpenter is an impassioned food alchemist and the co-founder of HEX Ferments - a fermented food and drink company in Baltimore. She is a contemporary artist, fermentation enthusiast and teacher. Through HEX, Meaghan brings these professions together by creating living, fermented foods with the goal of bringing awareness to how we feed ourselves, and the microbial world. It's no small feat - but HEX truly inspires positive change in food communities near and far. Plus their glow kraut is KILLER. 

"My husband and I love to cook; on our first date we ate raw oysters and years later started a fermented foods business together. Both of us grew up in the upper midwest and enjoyed eating homemade meals made with freshly caught lake fish, wild game (both of our parents hunt and fish) and seasonal vegetables. We cook everyday, with what we get from vendor friends at farmers markets, herbs and spices that we have found on our travels or grow ourselves; always with a hearty dollop of kimchi, sauerkraut or a pickle. Our kitchen approach is typically laid back and we enjoy having friends over for causal weeknight meals to big weekend cookouts and intimate dinners. Food can be a powerful tool to share with others how deeply nourishing and healing it can be." - Meaghan Carpenter

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