• Anya Fernald's Pantry •

all photos by  Emily Dulla

all photos by Emily Dulla

Who says butchery is a man’s job? Anya Fernald is single-handedly revolutionizing cattle ranching and the meat industry at large. She’s the co-founder of Belcampo Meat Co., a regenerative meat company and a series of whole animal butcher shops and cafes in California and New York (with her signature dishes available for delivery via Caviar in the Bay Area & LA). At Belcampo, Anya built her own supply chain on 25,000 acres of pristine farmland and fully integrated her processing facility right through her retail shops. She’s an icon who has helped create a brand and culture where the meat that we purchase can finally line up with our values (from humane raising to slaughtering, processing, and butchering, and overall sustainability practices in production).

We already know she’s a fan of pasture-raised proteins, so we stepped into Anya’s hearty pantry to learn what else she stocks in her kitchen: stone-milled Maine Grains, Sierra Nevada cultured butter, farmers market produce “merchandising”, et al.

her style

  • “My kitchen design is a combination of everything I love - deep, saturated colors, patterns, designs I think are beautiful, and lots of my favorite materials: black iron, copper and matte and natural ceramics.

  • My style of food is meaty (well, I run a meat company!), hearty and soulful. I use a lot of broths, browned butter and other deep flavor bases to create layers of flavor and depth in simple dishes.

  • I am really into organizing and get a lot of pleasure from unpacking my fruits and veggies and carefully setting things out for the week. I consider it a form of merchandising - getting the fruits and veggies into a layout where they are beautiful and appealing for my kids to snack on.

  • My inspiration is ingredients, pretty basic. I respond to what I have at hand I like to keep things clean and beautiful as it makes me want to hang out in the kitchen more.

markets & shopping

  • I love to buy meat in large formats from our Belcampo butcher shops and break it down into usable components for my cooking. So, I might buy a bone-in leg of lamb and butterfly it for a roast then use the bone for stew or broth.

  • I love shopping at farmers markets for seasonal fruits and veggies and I get all my specialty items direct - like almond butter direct from a farm in Chico I like, my nut flours from Nuts.com, and my flour from a stone mill in Maine (Maine Grains) that has amazing products.

fridge must-haves

  • I love having a huge chunk of parmesan in my fridge although that then usually ends up being my breakfast, lunch and dinner snack for a week if I have that!

  • I love good butter - the fancy french salted and cultured stuff or the Sierra Nevada butter from the Central Valley that’s made with great quality cream.

  • I like fancy jams and marmalades, I end up spooning them into tart shells for a quick yet fancy dessert or having them for breakfast with yogurt or almond butter.

pantry staples


  • Vintage Cast iron skillets

  • Lodge and Smithey cast iron skillets and grill pans

  • My big Japanese chef knife

  • My vintage mortars and pestles


  • I learned to cook living in Italy and working in food...books are more useful as reminders of favorite sauces or for making trickier things like fresh pasta.

  • I love these books:

  • For baking I use almost exclusively Food52 - I love their recipes.


To Sum it Up:

  • pantry item she can't live without: good olive oil and good salts

  • one or two items that are always in her fridge: Belcampo Hot Dogs, butter and ghee, Belcampo duck confit (for a quick meal), a Belcampo steak

  • her go-to inspiration cookbook: Essential Mediterranean by Nancy Harmon Jenkins

  • her most trusted kitchen tool: brass pasta cutters, my black lava rock mortar and pestle

  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry style: rustic, warm, comfortable, inspiring, full

  • her all-time favorite market: Sicilian street markets from when I lived there in my 20s - the open trucks selling cheese, the carts piled high with fruits and veggies - I loved cooking from those markets and still think about them

  • women she pines for: MFK Fisher, Diana Kennedy

  • women made food products she pines for: Belcampo hot dogs

  • her favorite music to jam out to in the kitchen: William Fitzsimmons, Tupac, Nicki Minaj, The Revivalists, Drake, Jason Isbell

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