• Alison Roman's Pantry • 

all photos by  Atara Bernstein

all photos by Atara Bernstein

Alison Roman - a writer, cook, and author of the delightful guidebook to highly cookable food, Dining In. You know, the book with the insta-famous cookies? Here at pineapple, we've gotten to know Alison over the course of a pineapple DC event & episode of pineapple radio (check it out here & subscribe here), and we're smitten by her energy, mission to take the pressure away from cooking, and totally warm personality. She's also funny- really funny! And her kitchen is a microcosm of her POV on food and personal style - it's down-to-earth and imperfectly perfect.

Step inside the pantry of our dreams, and get in the vibe with the actual jams that were playing in Alison's kitchen....

Alison's Pantry

her style

  • "My food style and kitchen style are fortunately very different haha. My kitchen style is a little less focused- I’m really just working with what I have, which is not much space or storage, so things just kind of have to work. I prefer the open shelving because if it’s hidden, I’ll never find anything/will forget it’s there. My food style I guess, in a way, is equally eclectic and relaxed. I’d like to think my food sits perfectly in the center of the venn diagram that is beautiful and unfussy.

  • Unless you’re one of those types who only drinks Soylent, food is universally loved and almost always brings joy. You can say that about very few things.


markets & shopping

  • I shop for food manically, impulsively and without reason! I hate lists, even though I try to make them occasionally, but my favorite kind of grocery or farmers market shopping is to let myself be inspired by what I see. I also always try to buy one new thing if I’m at the farmers market or a specialty food store. Keeps things interesting.


kitchen inspiration

  • It’s hard when you’re ALWAYS in the kitchen. I’d say I find inspiration in the kitchen when I’m out of the kitchen. Restaurants, traveling, weird grocery stores, dinner at friends’ places (although even then it’s highly likely I’m doing the cooking haha).


fridge must-haves



  • I learned to cook in restaurants, where I worked for 7 years. By reading cookbooks and magazines, by watching chefs work, by interviewing chefs for my job at BA, by working alongside talented cooks. Also- I still am learning to cook! Here are some of my favorite books:


To Sum it Up: