• Emily Elyse Miller's Pantry •


Emily Elyse Miller is a breakfast aficionado with a quirky, yet tasteful kitchen style (think porcelain egg holders, iridescent sippy cups, and tie dye aprons). She's the founder of BreakfastClub- a global gathering series that connects culinary and design innovators through the ritual of breakfast. To top it off, Emily's currently writing a book all about breakfasts from around the world. Needless to say, we’re psyched to step into her multi-cultural, morning-inspired pantry.

Let's look inside:




Emily's Pantry


her style

  • "I can’t stand wasting food so my style is often a puzzle on how to make the most delicious meal with what’s in my fridge. My friend Nicole (who lived upstairs in my last apartment) would often  bring down pieces of a chicken or extra veggies knowing that I would revive the rest into a chicken soup or some crazy (hopefully delicious) concoction that my Jewish and Italian grandmothers would be proud of. Maybe that’s why breakfast is my calling. It’s often leftovers from the night before with eggs scrambled in. I like humble ingredients that are paired with global cooking techniques and bursting with spices, I’d be lost without my spices.

  • I love sharing food with others. Strangers, friends, family, I enjoy food the most when I’m being handed a slab of raw bacon on a roll from a butcher stall in Porto — neither of us peaking the same language but easily connecting over quality fatty meat product, or something familiar and truly comforting like my Mom’s lentil soup whether it comes from her stove or mine, I feel connected to her when I make it, always with way too much grated parm.  


markets & shopping

  • From FoodTown, to Whole Foods, to a free-for-all market on a pier in Bangkok, I adore them all. I feel at home surrounding myself in aisles and aisles of food because there’s always something to learn. I can spend hours just watching people shop. What’s this crazy jar of something? Who knows but that person just put it in their cart along with kombu and plantains so I trust their opinion. When I’m trying to familiarize myself with a new cuisine the best place to be is the supermarket. One of my favorite things to do is go shopping in Flushing, Queens. I can’t read any of the labels (in account that they are in Chinese) but that gives me the opportunity to talk to people about what they like, what they’re shopping for, and which of the 30 fish sauces is the best.



kitchen inspiration

  • My fridge provides all of the inspiration I need. I stare at my pantry, fridge, and freezer and hope that something I’ve read sparks inspiration for my next meal. Traveling also inspires a lot of what I’m eating at the moment. I brought back a massive bag of oregano, sour grape syrup, and sumac from Lebanon so now everything I make has oregano and sumac… still figuring out the sour grape syrup though.  


fridge must-haves

  • I’m currently cooking my way through breakfast around the world while testing over 400 recipes for my upcoming cookbook with Phaidon. I wouldn’t say two gallons of milk, kaffir lime leaves, and pickled turnips is typical for me but, hey, I’m really enjoying the options. I tend to keep a more selective fridge situation. Always with:

    • Eggs - ideally from Stryker Farm

    • Bluegrass Soy Sauce - for when I’m feeling fancy but really there’s always some kind of soy sauce.

    • Cutino Sauce - From my friends in Arizona. I go through more hot sauce than any other condiment so there’s always a few like: Cholula, Queen Majesty or Snake Oil.

    • Trimona Yogurt, or White Moustache (sour cherry forever!)

    • Klaire Labs Probiotics

    • Palm Sugar > any other sugar or sweetener also Bee Local honey

    • Dates in syrup - from a small farm in Lebanon run by an incredible non-profit, Arcenciel

    • Kosciusko - Polish mustard

    • Sour beer

    • In the freezer I always have frozen peas, wild blueberries, and if it’s a great week, olive oil ice cream from Salt + Straw in Portland.


pantry staples

  • Buna Coffee from my friends in Mexico City.

  • Bob’s Red Mill… pretty much everything from dried beans to flour.

  • There’s a can of the Jamaican fruit, ackee. I got it to make an ackee and saltfish breakfast recipe. I loved its tangy custardy vibe so it might just become a pantry staple.

  • Finishing salt from Lenoir restaurant in Austin

  • Dried chickpeas

  • NY Shuk Spicy Harissa

  • Frankies 457 Extra Virgin Olive oil

  • The most perfect dates that I brought back from my stay at The Efendi hotel in Akko, Israel.

  • Dried flowers from Mercado el 100 in Mexico City




  • My Breville toaster - after years of toasting in a pan and in the oven I finally see the light, and it’s the warm, orange glow of this toaster.

  • Ceramic plates that I designed with Felt + Fat for my BreakfastClub events.

  • A vintage egg cup that my Mom gave me

  • A good fish spatula

  • My Staub pot and roasting pan

  • Staag pour-over kettle - part my my every morning ritual.

  • An old-school, refurbished, single shot espresso machine from the 70’s

  • Lodge griddle for all things breakfast.

  • Chartreuse melamine chopsticks I got in Singapore.

  • My Samantha Verrone napkin set made for the BreakfastClub events and a very special apron (pictured) that she surprised me with.



  • I learned to cook from my Mother and Grandmother, these days I spend free time watching YouTube videos on street vendors in India and SE Asia. There’s a lot to learn from their swift cooking techniques and precision of just a few dishes. I also like to read about techniques and use of ingredients that can serve as inspiration for later meals. My favorite are:



To Sum it Up:

  • pantry item she can't live without: Tahini

  • One or two items that are always in her fridge: Eggs and Hot Sauce

  • her go to inspiration cookbook: Betty Crocker’s Dinner in a Dish. I’ve never made anything from it but I’m so inspired by the graphics and photography.

  • her most trusted kitchen tool: My hands

  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry style: collected, global, spicy, savory, graphic

  • her all time favorite market: Carmel Market in Tel Aviv or Sahadi’s in Brooklyn

  • Women she pines for: I try to surround myself with women who inspire me, Katie Burton (Terre Mag) Camilla Ruth Marcus (Westbourne), Eva Goicochea (Maude), Mrs Maisel (fictional character, but I wish we were friends.) I’m so incredibly proud and constantly motivated by my fellow female entrepreneurs.

  • Women made food products she pines for: White Moustache Yogurt, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Hot Bread Kitchen, NY Shuk