• Pantry Pick: Masienda Tortillas •

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Welcome to our ~new~ series featuring our fave #pineforpantry picks: the products in our kitchens that express our personal style, identity and values. 

Stay tuned for the deets on the sourcing, branding and design of all kinds of women-made goodies.

Kickin’ it off with Masienda tortillas. More than a tortilla company, Masienda is a system devoted to farmers on both sides of the border to grow, source and offer the most flavorful, nutritious and real ingredients possible. They’re fierce advocates of agricultural biodiversity, sustainability and independent farmers.

We’re dazzled by their mission to elevate the everyday tortilla all while honoring its heritage and the many women who power their unparalleled supply chain. We had the opportunity to chat with them about their sourcing, design, and business, and trust us, it's brill.

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How Masienda tortilla's fill the void:

  • We saw an opportunity to elevate the everyday tortilla, to create a non-GMO, plant-based, zero-preservative option that translates authentic flavor for the next generation of eaters. Call us selfish, but we love tacos just as much as anyone, so our ultimate goal was to make an authentic tortilla we could feel great about eating ourselves.


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Branding & design:

  • We launched with three hero SKUs, our heirloom white corn, blue corn and red corn tortillas. We wanted to create packaging and an identity that was at once artful and fun, yet also referenced the vibrant flavor of the unique corn varietals featured in each tortilla. The illustrations (squash blossoms, chiles, corn) that fleck our packaging allude to the milpa way of eating and farming, a perfectly balanced system that benefits both body and environment.


Sourcing philosophy:

  • When sourcing, we seek out impact-based suppliers. We build direct relationships with our farmers and their families, cultivating an understanding of the food we produce and consume. Yes, carefully sourced, non-GMO corn is inherently more delicious, but we want to ensure that the corn itself is impacting the world in a positive way.


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Women & their supply chain:

  • Women power Masienda! From key positions in our aggregation centers throughout Mexico, to graphic design, to 2/3 of our HQ team - we have an eclectic, creative and uniquely experienced powerhouse team of ladies fueling our tortilla innovation.


What people are saying about Masienda:

  • First of all, we absolutely love to hear from customers! Most people are just as excited as we initially were to discover the true superfood status of authentic corn tortillas. People have been eating this food for thousands of years for a reason! Then of course unlocking the tortilla’s versatility is where the fun begins - from quick kid-friendly quesadillas to full-fledged taco dinners, we love to see how fans are enjoying - and sharing - the Masienda love across the country.


Biz advice:

  • Do a good bit of research, leave no stone unturned, reach out to as many people for help, insight and advice as you can, but most importantly, feel confident in the unknown adventure that awaits! Stay committed to your original motivating factor for starting down the path of your own business, and let that curiosity and determination guide you.

Speaking of Masienda...

We still have 2 tickets left for our event with Masienda, Of Masa & Mezcal!

Join us as we chat with the women of Espita and Danielle Dahlin, VP of Operations (a.k.a. the woman who manages the tortilla supply chain) at Masienda about the ins-and-outs of sourcing, the heritage of hand-crafted food & bev, and how Mexican women in Mexico and America power these supply chains.