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Heather Gordon is a NY based writer & Som. She’s behind Blanc de Blonde- a wine blog written for the curious & passionate drinker. She talks about wine as if it’s coming from your best friend- it’s warm & approachable. Her motto? Leave all snobbery at the door.


  • "I like to surround myself with the flow of the seasons. My food & kitchen style echo that. There is something about using ingredients that reflect your climate that I find alluring. Living in an insomniac city, it’s important to take care of your body through what you put inside of it.  Decorating my kitchen with flowers, leaves, greenery I find at the farmers market or the grocery stores is another way I connect with the seasons.
  • Wine is my way to connect to the world. Not only through my writing but also through my consumption.  My drinking style is natural. I deeply adore pure production methods. I believe in championing the small growers.  I see wine as a form of artistic expression and I long to bask endlessly in the pure unadulterated art of it all.
  • When I was young food was the glue that kept my rowdy family together. Our kitchen table was alive. It was where we told stories wildly with our hands. Where we looked into each other eyes.  Where we exchanged thoughts. Where we fought. But mostly, in our own way it is where we loved. Wine and food bring people together. They bind us. We strip ourselves of our smart this and mobile that and we tune so intently into what the earth has provided us with.



Heather Gordon's Pantry

  • pantry Item she can’t live without: Lavender Tea
  • her favorite market: I usually shop late at night; this is when my insomniac city and I socialize. My shopping style is gypsy-like. I don’t plan out meals or have grocery lists. I shop by what feels good. What ingredients catch my eye.  Which intern makes my meals more like an episode of chopped than a planned out menu. If I have to pick one it is Tula Market in Laguna Hills CA
  • fridge Item she can’t live without: Fino sherry/ pickles (I can’t choose!)
  • go to Cookbook: Florentine: The True Cuisine of Florence by Emiko Davies. Eclectically appetizing.  As aesthetically mouth watering as the recipes inside.
  • her most trusted kitchen tool: My 3 double hinged corkscrews.
  • things on her fridge door: A wreath made of dried bay leaves and chili peppers. My mother gave to me as a good luck charm for our kitchen.
  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry: comfortable, warm, essential, energetic, awake
  • women in wine & spirits she pines for: