• Marissa Ross' Pantry • 

All photos by Marisa Vitale

All photos by Marisa Vitale


Marissa Ross is the queen of natural wine. She’s the author of "Wine. All The Time.", a gem of a guidebook to casual & confident drinking. She  also happens to be Bon Appetit Magazine’s wine editor (nbd) and our personal wine hero. Why? Because she’s f***ing funny and is the poster child of approachable wine sippin’. We had a chance to look inside this wino’s pantry, and trust us, her enviable selection of sparkling waters & wines and her Los Angeles sunshine-filled kitchen, do not disappoint

Walk into the ultimate wine fridge with us…

Marissa's pantry


her style

  • "I think it’s important to note that my husband is the cook in the house and I honestly, just get to be a part of it. And stock it full of wine. But I need my kitchen to be super clean-- I’m OCD/ADHD and work from home so I can’t have dishes just hanging out without losing my mind-- with lots of fruit and beverage options. Also leftovers and hot sauce. And wine. All the wine.

  • For me, inspiration is all about opening up my wine fridge and seeing what I have, what I feel like drinking. Not only does that inspire me in the kitchen, but also in my work. Wine is truly everything to me.


markets & shopping

  • I love going to the farmer’s market and just cruising around, seeing what looks and smells good. If not that, then I get Whole Foods on Instacart from my couch [laughs]. We’re a one car household, and I drink for a living, so having the groceries delivered is a huge timesaver for us. Plus then I don’t mess up and forget something a recipe needs or grab parsley instead of cilantro or whatever.



fridge must-haves


pantry staples

  • Italian olive oil, crushed red pepper, coarse sea salt, local honey





  • My favorite is Dining in by Alison Roman. It’s so beautiful and inspiring to me, even as someone who has cooked maybe a dozen times in her entire life."



To Sum it Up: