Women-owned on Caviar NY


An ordering guide to NY women-owned restaurants on Caviar


Let’s face it - while cooking is so much a part of who we are and how we view the world, indulging in delivery can be just what’s needed in our busy lives.

Lucky for us, Caviar offers delish food options from many fantastic women-owned restaurants delivered straight to our door.


Here are our top 6 NY picks:

  • Dimes, because friends Alissa Wagner and Sabrina de Sousa have made hip and healthy synonymous

    • Our favorite dish: Big Salad (an ever-rotating medley of delish, seasonal vedge)


  • La Newyorkina, because Fany Gerson makes the creamy & fruity paletas (Mexican popsicles made from fresh ingredients) of our dreams

    • Our favorite dish: Box of Signature Paletas (you’ve never made friends faster than sharing these with a group)


  • Little Tong, because tasting Simone Tong’s rice noodle specialty makes us feel as if we were on her culinary adventure in the Yunnan Province, which inspired her whole menu

    • Our favorite dish: Grandma Chicken Mixian


  • Taim, because the name of Einat Admony’s casual Israeli joint is exactly what it’s called--Taim (DELICIOUS)

    • Our favorite dish: Sabich platter


  • Ovenly, because Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga’s signature savory-sweet baking style is like no other AND they’re just as committed to social impact within their biz

    • Our favorite dish: this one’s a tie--Salty Peanut Butter Cookie & Salty Chocolate Chip Cookie


  • west~bourne, because honestly sometimes we're California dreamin' and owner Camilla Marcus' seasonal produce-driven, bright eats transport us when we need it most

    • Our favorite dish: Sunrise Kingdom