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All photos by Atara Bernstein

All photos by Atara Bernstein


Lane Harlan is the ethereal genius behind Baltimore-based joints Clavel & WC Harlan. Along with her impressive rise to culinary excellence, we #pinefor her undeniable sense of taste. From Oaxacan textiles, handmade pottery, calaveras and copitas to her killer playlists, her establishments are all about authenticity. Her kitchen doesn’t disappoint either. Lane’s pantry is a charming mash-up of old and new, near and far- where there’s never a shortage of ferments, canned cassoulet & natural wine.


Lane's Pantry


her style

  • "I get acidified. Every morning I guzzle lemon juice & water, figure out what will accompany my bowl of Hex Ferments kraut, and start the coffee tinkering. Due to an extremely busy schedule of balancing my businesses, my cooking style is feast or famine. For myself, I cook very clean meals based around either raw or lightly cooked vegetables, nuts, and always fermented foods. I get my calories drinking so I try not to eat too heavily at home. When I cook for my partner or friends, I go big and reference my French years cooking big market stews with crusty bread and always too much St. Marcellin (French cow's milk cheese).

  • I find inspiration by doing weird things like decide this carrot is the main event therefore causing myself to find the best way to cook it and treat it like a Thanksgiving turkey. In the end I either end up with a soggy carrot… or enough confidence to live another day. In most cases I have various open bottles of sample wines that dictate where I’m heading in the kitchen. If more people practiced pairing thee forbidden liquids with food, I think they would eat at home more often.


markets & shopping

  • Baltimore is filled with brilliant food makers. I shop staples like krauts and vinegars from them directly. The weekend farmer’s markets (JFX / Waverly) provide me with eggs, mushrooms, and flowers while the local Mom’s Market grocery store fills in the blanks with walnuts, avocados, and the occasional frozen pizza to serve as a king bed to my Hex Miso Kimchi.


fridge must-have


pantry staples



  • Enamelware Sake tasting cup from Kaga, Japan

  • Nordic designed egg beater (so. damn. ergonomic.)

  • Measuring scale for tea & coffee

  • Extra Large hand carved wooden spoon from the dude outside Mercado 20 de Noviembre in Oaxaca




  • Although I love reading cookbooks for the sexiness of food thoughts, I rarely reference them while cooking. I learn to cook by watching good cooks. I’ve been in the service industry since I was 15 years old. I realized early on that eggs are a sacred religion that can be made delicious by many routes and that most people take none of them."



To Sum it Up:

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