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All photos by  Heidi's Bridge

All photos by Heidi's Bridge

Julia Sherman is the mastermind behind Salad for President - an ongoing project in which she creates next-level salads made in collab with a whole host of artists, musicians, writers and even our shero Alice Waters (!). What we love most about Julia’s style though, is that she gives us all an opportunity to unleash our inner creative gourmand. In true #pinefor form, she’s said that the best cooks think like artists- they steal ideas, break rules and find something spectacular in the everyday. Inspired by her travels from all around the world, her pantry’s a work of art, too, and echoes her imaginative, wanderlust-y moods with stowaways like honey, olive oil, spices, and even sausage.


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her style

  • “My kitchen style: Tasmanian devil meets Alice Waters.

  • My food style: Ingredient-driven and always abundant. I make indulgent, satisfying food that you can feel good about.

  • I find inspiration mostly when I travel. I pack my suitcase full of contraband -- oozy honey, jugs of olive oil, sausages and spices, and even live plants (it’s bad, I know!). Having a really full pantry both puts pressure on me to cook (I really hate wasting), and it keeps me motivated to try something new.


markets & shopping

  • I always shop impulsively, without a list, and driven by my insatiable curiosity. I like to find one special ingredient, and build a meal around it.



fridge must-haves

  • Homemade bone broth (I am pretty much always making broth)

  • Homemade fermented chili peppers

  • Colatura (salted anchovy sauce) from Italy


pantry staples







To Sum it Up:

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