• Daniela Moreira's Pantry •

All photos by Atara Bernstein

All photos by Atara Bernstein

Daniela Moreira spent her summers camping with her family in Argentina, huddled around a fire with smoldering veggies in the center. Years later after traveling the world, she landed in DC, running the beloved wood-fired pizza joint Timber Pizza Co (a fave spot available through our #pinefor Caviar collection)- an homage to her campfire cooking memories, and unrelenting love for ‘za. When she’s not topping Timber doughs with herbs and flowers, she’s collecting pints of ice cream, tending to her rooftop garden and studying up on Jewish cuisine in prep for the highly anticipated opening of DC Jewish-ish deli Call Your Mother. From 90 second microwavable rice to heritage grain farro; Moon Juice sex dust to Ben and Jerry’s, Daniela is all about #balance. Step into this Argentine pantry where cups overflow with yerba mate and gluten-free waffles are a mainstay.

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her style

  • “I’m never home, and to be honest almost never cook here. Just breakfast, a fast toasted gluten free waffle with peanut butter to start the day and then I’m out of here until night time, and all I want then isit’s ice cream and chocolate!

  • When I do cook, it’s mostly in the roof garden of our apartment . I light up the fire and start cutting whatever is in the fridge, then throw it all together in the Disco (an Argentine outdoor cooking pot) I brought from Argentina, and then hope that it tastes good. Very Chefy of me.  

  • How I find inspiration in the kitchen:

    • Books: I have tons of books. See favorites below.

    • Instagram! I can spend hours and hours looking at breads and pastries pictures. I love following Zak The Baker, Born and Bread Bakehouse, Wexler's Deli,  EL Bagel, to mention a few. 

    • Timber Roof Garden by Love & Carrots- I like cooking using ingredients that are seasonal. What a better way to know what's seasonal by checking what's growing upstairs!

markets & shopping

  •  I like shopping at the Farmers Market (Bethesda Farmer’s Market is may favorite), I’m at a different market 3-4 times a week working. I like to walk around before the market starts and check out what’s available and shop without thinking of an end dish in mind. Once in my fridge, I figured out what to make when I’m hungry.

  •  I also love going to the store, Yes! Organic is my favorite. I go there pretty much everyday for coffee and I always hang out by the grains and seed section and check out what they have.

fridge must-haves

pantry staples


  • Disco (Argentine outdoor cast iron style pot to use for wood fire cooking)

  • Mate (Argentine tea mug)

  • Small rolling pin

  • Mandoline

  • Chef knife

  • Cast iron comal (flat griddle)


  • Hartwood

  • Jack’s wife Freda

  • I learned how to cook from my mom and grandmother when I was a kid. They worked together in a little restaurant my mom owned by the river in Cordoba, Argentina and from a very young age they taught me not only basics of cooking, but how to be fast, very fast. This restaurant was super busy. We were only open 2 months a year during the Summer, and we would have hundreds of customers a day. Sense of urgency is one of the most important qualities to have in a restaurant and I learned that at a very young age, nobody makes empanadas faster than my mom!!”                                                              

To Sum it Up:

  • pantry item she can't live without: pimenton (smoked paprika)

  • items that are always in her fridge: ice cream, eggs

  • her go to inspiration cookbook: Hartwood

  • her most trusted kitchen tool: Disco

  • adjectives that describe her pantry style: fatty, easy, fast, seasonal, chill

  • her all time favorite market: Bethesda Farmers Market

  • women she pines for: My mom is #1!!!! And all the amazing women that work with me at Timber!

  • women made food products she pines for: Chups, Love and Carrots (Natalie grows everything in our rooftop garden)

  • her favorite music to jam out to in the kitchen: Reggaeton!! Specially at 3:00 am when I’m baking.  

  • her favorite things to order on Caviar: Indigo & Amsterdam Falafel Shop

Did you know that Timber is included in our womxn-powered collection on Caviar?