• At Market with Sorella Collective •

All Photos by: Atara Bernstein

All Photos by: Atara Bernstein

We’ve peeked into your pantry and now we’re tagging along on your trip to the market! Introducing pine for market, our new series about all our favorite places: grocery stores, farmers markets, and anywhere else food is sold. We'll be sharing BTS with leaders we #pinefor to see how they approach "marketing," whether by befriending their farmers at local farmers markets, having go-tos at beloved bodegas or traveling the world to pick up every spice imaginable. So, load up your reusable tote, follow along, and show us your market haul by tagging #pineformarket.

If LA-based sisters and business partners Shelby and Savannah DiMarco have learned anything from their two years as professional farmers market foragers, it’s that the first step in sourcing beautiful, teeming produce is a seriously streamlined shopping strategy. At their company Sorella Collective, their iconic grazing boards rely on a fail-proof farmers market approach: invest in a cart, begin with a preliminary market lap, and always, always, always ask for samples. But above all, Shelby and Savannah believe in befriending—and thanking—your farmer. Read on for more of Shelby and Savannah’s tricks of the trade, from their fave time of year to source produce to how they’re optimizing purchasing for a zero-waste business.

Their market must-haves:

Their style

  • Our food style is approachable ingredients but completely elevated, high quality and unexpected. Always seasonal, no exceptions.

Shopping at the Market

  • We shop at the Market in a strategic way actually, it took a lot of trial and error but ultimately our process makes shopping a breeze. We first go to our vendors who will run out of certain things quick before the public can have access.

  • For instance, certain berries, radish, or floral decor could go super quick! We then will stroll back up and down the aisles to see pricing, what’s new and begin shopping from when we have an idea of what the Market has to offer that day.

Picking Produce

  • We pick produce by color, texture, and how everything can go together in a harmonious and tasteful way. Always ask to try something!

  • Sometimes a snap pea may not be as sweet as a vendor next door. We buy only what we need—we have very little waste, almost everything gets used!

Know your farmer

  • In the beginning it was pretty daunting shopping for our business and getting to know our vendors who we knew we had to start forming relationships with. Once we said hello, asked questions and thanked them for what they do, our relationship two years later is so incredibly strong.

  • It is our number 1 priority to maintain our friendship and business relationship with them. Their hard work and pride in what they do truly shows in their weekly bounty. The amount of joy we have from walking down the aisles and our friends shouting “HEY SORELLA GIRLS!!” makes our hearts burst out of our chest.

Market routine

  • We go to the Market every week, because we only buy what we need and run out of everything by the end of the week. We go to the Santa Monica Wednesdays, Calabasas Saturdays and occasionally the Hollywood Farmers Market Sundays to hold us over til Wednesday.


Grazing tables

  • We make grazing tables based on the produce we have. That is always where we start, organically and from the source. Our boards start from what we have in color, texture, size and we arrange from there.

  • Our number one advice is to not go completely overboard with grazing tables. Make it approachable but unexpected, arrange tastefully and just let it flow.

Pre and post market ritual

  • I wish we could say we had a pre market ritual but its rolling out of bed at 6:30 am, to get to Santa Monica from mid city in 15 minutes. We are always there by 7:00 am sharp.

  • Post Market ritual is getting to our kitchen quickly to process and put away our precious produce.  To celebrate a morning well done, we stop at our favorite, paper or plastik, for a coffee.


To Sum it Up:

  • Their go-to farmers market outfit: I wish we could say cute floral dresses, woven baskets and sun hats but in reality we are working and need function. Overalls, leggings, VERY comfortable shoes, and lots of pockets!

  • One or two items that they always pick up from the market: Carrots, Radish

  • Their favorite farmer: That’s like picking a best friend in front of another best friend! We love Weiser Family Farms, Garcia, Two Peas in a pod, Schaner, Pudwill, Flora Bella, McGrath, Ethridge, etc etc!

  • Their most trusted market bag: Our market CART has saved our life and arms.

  • 5 adjectives that describe their food style: lively, precise, energetic, alluring, evolving.

  • Their all-time favorite market: Santa Monica Wednesdays!

  • Their ideal farmers market haul: The collision of end of summer and beginning of fall, jammy sun-warm figs, melons, lemonade blueberries, pink pomegranates, grapes & strawberries.

    Their market must-haves