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All photos by  Heidi's Bridge

All photos by Heidi's Bridge

There are a few things we can never say no to after a long day: a glass of natty wine, scrolling through the #pinefor feed to see what everyone else is making for dinner and laughing/crying our way through the latest season of Queer Eye. So when we got the invite to peek into Queer Eye’s resident food & wine expert Antoni Porowski’s NYC kitchen, we were thrilled that our (first-ever!) male-identifying feature had a #pinefor list matching ours (here’s to Chrissy, Ina, Samin & Nigella).

Antoni jokingly describes his kitchen as “basically a Williams Sonoma commercial”, and to be honest? He’s kinda right: Art Deco flatware, sleek Japanese knives, all the copper pots and a 1,000+ page tome on French cuisine that complete his stunning marble counter-ed kitchen. His pantry real estate is overflowing with three kinds of water, four varieties of almonds and five flavors of cold brew for guests to choose from. (Turns out he’s just as generous IRL as he is on Netflix!) Read on for Antoni’s fave dates, the microplane so nice he bought it thrice, and the home-y recipe from his new cookbook (Antoni in the Kitchen is out now!) that he can’t stop making.

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His Style

  • Since I travel a lot, I make sure to keep certain staples in my pantry for snacks when I get home from an evening flight and can’t be bothered to cook or make food: Meladuco Farms medjool dates, marcona almonds and some nuggets of aged Parmigiano Reggiano. Also dried fruit like persimmons and lemon slices from Trader Joe’s. My kitchen is basically a Williams Sonoma commercial, along with pieces I’ve accumulated from travels, like wooden cutting boards from Kyoto, ceramics from visiting Heath headquarters on my way down from Carmel, California, and anything from RW Guild: they showcase incredible Japanese artists and ceramicists.

  • Sometimes I’ll go through old cookbooks and get inspired from basic themes or cuisines. If I’m having guests, I try to think about something I know a specific guest would love or just ask them what they haven’t had in a while. Late at night I’ll watch cooking shows or videos on YouTube and wake up the next morning thinking about a dish I saw and make it for the following meal. Other times I’ll go to a grocery store with no plan, find a base like a pork chop, cauliflower, or whole snapper, and build my meal from there.


Markets & shopping

  • I do not practice what I preach and usually end up going when I’m hungry, which is the best and worst mistake. I love Fairway Market, Whole Foods, and Union Square [farmers market] when I can. I start with produce, then move on to the meat/seafood section, then finish off with pantry staples. I’ll go with a rough mental plan and often won’t find exactly whatever I was looking for, so I’ll use it as an opportunity to swap out. No frisee? Endive it is!



To Sum it Up: 

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