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All photos by  Sarah Ellefson

All photos by Sarah Ellefson


When she’s not spearheading the stateside Oaxacan movement at LA’s James Beard Award-winning Guelaguetza restaurant (available for delivery through our womxn-powered collection on Caviar!), Bricia Lopez is stocking her pantry with the mole pastes, chiles, hot sauces, and dried avocado leaves of her childhood in Mitla, Oaxaca. The culinary multihyphenate describes herself as “an organizational junkie” and it shows — every ingredient is labeled, sealed, and shelved to perfection. Bricia comes from a long line of Oaxacan Mezcal craftsmen, so naturally, she’s most proud of the dedicated mezcal wall bordering her kitchen. Read on for more about the new quintessential Mexican “soul food” cookbook from “the Oaxacan Princess,” plus her essential Oaxacan pantry tips (fresh masa, Cumbia playlists, and hot sauce required) and why she <3s getting groceries delivered.

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Her style

  • My kitchen is my sanctuary.  It is the center of my home and where we spend the most time in the house.  I like having open space with minimal items on counters. I am not a fan of clutter, so for me, less is more.  I am an organizational junkie and always making sure everything is properly labeled and stored in air tight containers. Because I have a 4YO, I like having items in my kitchen that would be easy to prepare but at the same time, yummy and nutritious.  

  • I find inspiration in the kitchen by just being there.  Honestly, as soon as I step in to my kitchen and begin to look at what I have available on my fridge or pantry, my mind gets going and I immediately get in the zone.  I love seeing the face of my son light up when I feed him home cooked meals. Cooking for me is therapeutic and the way I show love to my family and friends. 

Markets & shopping:

  • Because of how hectic my life can get between travel and running my businesses, Amazon Prime NOW has been a game changer for me.  I do my grocery shopping from my phone or iPad and get my Whole Foods order delivered within two hours. My husband and I have a shared note with a master grocery list.  It helps us get organized and not over buy. On days I know I’ll be cooking Mexican or Oaxacan, I grab a lot of my ingredients from either Northgate Markets or my restaurant.  There’s nothing like making your own tortillas on the weekends from fresh masa. 


Fridge must-haves

  • You will always find hot sauce, I LOVE MICHELADAS mix, cold sparkling water, some sort of greens, broccoli, strawberries, grassfed butter, eggs, yogurt and pickles! 




To Sum it Up: 

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