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All photos by  Belathee

All photos by Belathee

If you follow Seattle restaurateur Linda Derschang on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with her effortlessly chic wardrobe full of utilitarian jumpsuits, her ever-expanding library of must-read cookbooks, and her love affair with Frankie & Jo’s plant-based ice creams. As founder and CEO of The Derschang Group, Linda is a tour-de-force in Seattle’s food scene, having successfully launched 11 bars and restaurants in the past 25 years (including some of our faves like Oddfellows, Smith and Queen City - all in our Seattle women-powered collection on Caviar!). Her first venture, Linda’s Tavern, was a partnership with Sub Pop, the iconic record label of Nirvana fame. After opening, it was immediately claimed by Seattle’s grunge scene, becoming the go-to bar for local musicians and artists. These days, Linda’s bright and breezy kitchen showcases her art, fashion, ferments, and a worn-in copy of Alison Roman’s Dining In with 80s-esque Mexican rock setting the mood.

The Linda Shop:


her style

  • “My kitchen is a reflection of my personal style: art, fashion, and food come together in my space. I would describe it as eclectic, warm, and fun.

  • As a restaurant owner, I am always on the go and find myself eating out more often than dining in. I love food and stock my kitchen with items that make for easy, simple meals like salads and bowls with brown rice, quinoa, veggies, and hummus. A good equation I like to stick to is fresh veggies + cooked grains + something fermented. You can’t go wrong with that.

  • Whenever I travel I find inspiration there, whether from the cuisine or the cultural habits. My Instagram feed is also an endless source of inspiration of food and design.

markets & shopping

  • Organic and local are values of mine. I often frequent local farmers markets with my Westie, Jack. I’ll occasionally visit Pike Place Market, especially for flowers. For everyday shopping, I’ll go to Whole Foods and local health food stores.

pantry staples




To Sum it Up:

  • pantry item she can't live without: peanut butter!

  • one or two items that are always in her fridge: Kraut and Hummus (for a quick snack)

  • her go to inspiration cookbook: Dining In and Food 52 recipes are go-to sources of inspiration for me

  • her most trusted kitchen tool: My Soda Stream. I use it every day

  • 5 adjectives that describe her pantry style: eclectic, utilitarian, local, international, messy

  • her all time favorite market: the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City and Ballard Market in Seattle

  • women she pines for: There are so many women I #pinefor! Jane Birkin, Gloria Steinem, and Maira Kalman, just to name a few. Not to mention any woman in food. It’s so important to stand together and support other women in your industry. When I first opened Linda’s Tavern in 1993, there were very few local women that I could look to for guidance, but now I’m fortunate to know plenty of talented food industry leaders in Seattle.

  • women-made food products she pines for: Kari Brunson and Autumn Martin’s plant-based Frankie and Joe’s ice cream, Rachel Marshall’s Rachel’s Ginger Beer, Molly Moon Neitzel’s  Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, I could go on and on.

  • her favorite music to jam out to in the kitchen: Lately I’ve been loving French playlist with classics like Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Francoise Hardy. I also have been listening to some Mexican rock bands such as Rey Pila (friends of my friends in Mexico) and Mexrrissey (Mexican nod to The Smith’s Morrissey.)

  • her favorite thing to order on Caviar: The Marrakesh Market Bowl at Bounty Kitchen

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