pineapple X Peerspace


There’s nothing we love more than a house party. Our kind of house party includes natty wine, beautiful spreads of food, great company, and tunes that we’ll remember long after it’s over. For our pineapple LA launch, we knew we had to throw down (in a pineapple-y way, of course) to celebrate the food leaders of LA and bring us all together. Thanks to Peerspace, the online marketplace for venues, we rented the breezy, beautifully decorated house of our dreams for our soirée. So if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, our #1 house party rec is to host with Peerspace. Check out our other house party tricks & tips below:

  1. Pick a theme. Subtle themes make narrowing down other choices much easier. Example: your French garden party might have cheese & charcuterie boards aplenty, a few bottles of Gamay, and tunes from the French sister duo Ibeyi playing overhead. Given our celebration of women leading the food scene in LA, we poured women-made natural wines provided by our friends at Botanica, thanks to Caviar (and we recommend the Valérie Tissot Crémant du Jura Brut Sparkling for any occasion!)

  2. Set up a playlist. Or rather, pick a song you like and start streaming its Spotify radio station—let the algorithm handle the rest. Or you can ask a friend to sing tunes for you like we did! Odetta Hartman serenaded our guests in LA to set the vibiest of moods.

  3. Prep a DIY bar. Offering a few seasonal flavors—various fruit juices, fresh herbs, ice & pre-sliced garnishes—lets people build creative custom drinks, with or without the alcohol.

  4. Make grazing tables. Stressing over food is a huge time suck, so keep it simple by offering a bunch of smaller bites guests can build plates around. We had a showstopping grazing table filled with Southern California’s best seasonal produce and cheese made by our friends Sorella Collective and it was the ultimate centerpiece.

  5. Alternative: just order in! After all, good leaders #delegate. Order supplemental food from the women-powered collection on Caviar to avoid said food-stress. We ordered salads & veggie plates galore from Botanica—think: Chicories, Fattoush-y and Japanese Sweet Potatoes + Salsa Verde—and it was the perfect complement to our grazing table.

  6. Not the most fun part of the evening, but create a cleanup game plan. A few pre-party suggestions you’ll thank us for later: empty the dishwasher, arrange strategic trash, designate recycling and compost bins, have Tupperware on stand-by for leftovers, and make room in the fridge.

  7. Introduce people to each other. That’s what parties are for!

  8. Make a toast— aka our new fave classy power move is to preemptively communicate our thanks to all our friends & guests (optional: end toast with a #Rosstest).