pineapple radio


pineapple radio is the podcast outlet of pineapple collaborative, a community for women who love food. The show features women in conversation with each other discussing the ideas, brands and movements in the great big world of food - from policymakers to celebrity chefs, from the culture of agriculture to entrepreneurship, and from food media to food banks.


Episode 3: Taking Care of Business

There are so many entrepreneurial women and wantrepreneurial women in the pineapple community striving to create or grow their amazing businesses. Good ideas are the starting point, but execution alongside financial sustainability and profitability are key.

Moreover, as the pineapple community knows well, women’s relationship with and identity in food has evolved majorly in the last few decades--heck, even in the last few years. We’re no longer just homemakers or consumers, but rather we’re creating the next generation of amazing food companies--from restaurants, to packaged goods, to farms. More of us are in leadership positions than ever before and we’re hustling to establish/grow businesses big and small. This episode we'll explore how we empower women to "take care of business" such that we are set up for financial success and can scale our businesses. Covering the fundamentals of your financials to seeking investment, we'll explore how to unlock the food businesswoman in us all.

Episode 2: Highly Cookable, Highly Sharable

This week, we're chattin' all things community, and accessibility around good food. Our guests are Alison Roman - former food editor with Bon Appetit Magazine, and a current best selling author of her cookbook Dining In. You may know her from the chocolate chip shortbread cookies that have gone completely viral on instagram. And Melissa Jones, an edible activist, environmental advocate, and the founder of FoodTalksDC- an online platform that collects and shares food stories spotlighting people of color. Through FoodTalks, Melissa has celebrated and promoted stories from black and brown communities and shared empowering narratives that stem from the land. Both Melissa & Alison manifest the art of hospitality, and leverage the power of food as a community connector. Join the convo as they chat about the importance of food memories, their love of Detroit, and the power of creating accessible food experiences for people we love.



Episode 1: Food Freedom

This episode on pineapple radio discusses Food Freedom - an idea that we learned from Lee Tilghman, of @leefromamerica. For most women, our identity with food is complicated and wrapped up in some difficult emotions, like shame or obsession- especially in the instagram age where your constantly being told what to eat, what we should look like, and how your life needs to improve. It begs the question- how far should we go with the concept of wellness? And what are the ways that we as a community can combat some of the exclusivity we experience in the wellness space in terms of race, class and gender? We chat with Samantha Attard of Happy Healthy Human & Lina Salazar of Live Well on these questions.