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pine for guide Nov. 11th

An epic #pineforpantry giveaway, Dorie’s birthday cake, French market baskets, and Farming While Black in this week’s pine for guide- aka our guide to all things pineapple: where we're shopping, what we're listening to, what we're reading & eating.


an epic #pineforpantry giveaway

Enter to win items we #pinefor, as we stock one lucky winner’s pantry for the most epic Friendsgiving.

You'll get a rad pineapple tote, a CAP Beauty adaptogen set, a signed copy of Alison Roman's Dining In, 2 Le Creuset dutch ovens, 5 bags of Canyon Coffee, condiments by Sir Kensington’s, and a barware set by W&P. #grateful


pineapple radio: everday dorie

In convo with @doriegreenspan, all about her passion for not just cookies but also the flavors of France: stocking two types of mustard at all times and entertaining the Parisian way (aka inviting friends over for some casual champagne & gougère).


Daniela Moreira’s pantry

From 90 second microwavable rice to heritage grain farro; Moon Juice sex dust to Ben and Jerry’s, Daniela is all about #balance.


pineapple x Caviar #pinefor collection

Whether you’re ordering Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar birthday cake or Daniela Moreira’s Timber Pizza Co. wood-fired empanadas, you can support a diverse group of womxn in DC---including businesses owned or powered by womxn of color, immigrants and/or queer womxn---one delivery order at a time.

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