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pineapple NY: farming while black

To build a better food system, it’s crucial to understand who is growing our food, the complex racial history of agriculture in our country, and the inequities many farm workers of color face. Leah Penniman, founding co-director of Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York, is unpacking this narrative with her work on the ground and in her groundbreaking new book, Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm’s Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land.

In collaboration with Squarespace, our conversation partner and all-in-one website-building platform, join pineapple NY for the incredible opportunity to hear from this burgeoning leader in the food movement. Leah and Yemi Amu of Oko Farms, an aquaponics farm in Brooklyn, will discuss what it means to be a black farmer today and the ways African ancestral practices are used and abused in the US.


pineapple DC: the Palestinian Kitchen

Award-winning author, human-rights activist, and cook Yasmin Khan travels through Palestinian kitchens in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza in her newest cookbook, Zaitoun: Recipes and Stories From the Palestinian Kitchen. She asks us to consider: what does it mean to be Palestinian today? And how is that reflected on the plate?

Moderated by NPR’s Dalia Mortada, join pineapple DC for a deep dive into Yasmin’s narrative where they’ll discuss preserving and savoring Palestinian identities in the midst of a shifting political landscape, share their own beautiful and moving experiences in the Middle East, and reveal how food can be an entryway into understanding our own and other’s cultures.


Annie Shi’s pantry

Annie Shi’s the co-owner of King - the sophisticated Italian-French cafe that’s the epitome of cool. From the menus feat. seasonal fare and adorned with watercolors to Annie’s enviable wine selection, she’s created a truly magical place to wine & dine. When Annie’s not digging into olive oil-glazed veggies, she’s cooking Chinese food and shopping in Chinatown for staples like fresh fish, miso, soy sauce, and vinegars.

Check out Annie’s pantry where wine books and simplicity reign supreme and her mother’s dumplings await.


pine for guide Jan. 24th

Currently on our pineapple-y radar: Feminism & Teaism on #pineappleradio, Maine Grains, and #cloglife! All in our latest #pinefor guide with Squarespace.


pineapple radio: wine, naturally

We care about where our food comes from, so what about our wine? Better yet, how does the way it was made affect the way it tastes, our preferences, and its impact on the food system? Picking out a bottle of wine can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. By the time we pull a bottle off the shelf, we might be more focused on getting out of the store rather than the story behind the grape. In collab with Squarespace, a convo with Felicia Colbert and Rebekah Pineda all about the #nofilter world of natural wine.


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pineapple x Caviar #pinefor collection

Whether you’re ordering Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar birthday cake or Daniela Moreira’s Timber Pizza Co. wood-fired empanadas, you can support a diverse group of womxn in DC---including businesses owned or powered by womxn of color, immigrants and/or queer womxn---one delivery order at a time.